What is the MR Cube?

The Monitored Rehab Cube is a state-of-the-art testing/training and rehab tool designed to provide unsurpassed development of the neuromuscular system. The Cube itself is a rectangular box (5 inches by 6.5 inches and 6 inches in height) that weighs all of 2.2 pounds. The Cube has a spring-loaded, extendable tether (8 feet in length) that can be attached to either an individual or a piece of exercise equipment. The tether is used to monitor any linear movement completed by the individual or piece of exercise equipment. For functional use, the Cube has footings on the bottom and one side so it can be used with the tether being extended either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  The Monitored Rehab Cube comes with its own charging cord and once fully charged, it maintains its charge for 8-10 hours.

How Does the Monitored Rehab Cube Work?

The MR Cube is equipped with an internal microchip which senses the movement of the tether for each repetition of the exercise (captures range of motion, acceleration and deceleration within the range of motion, the work and power of each repetition, etc.). This information is communicated in real-time using Bluetooth technology to a Dell laptop computer which has the MR Cube software loaded onto it. The MR Cube software uses this information to activate movement of an object on a gamification screen produced by the software (11 different games from which to choose).  The Dell laptop computer with the MR Cube software is provided as part of the MR Cube solution.    

Why Use the MR Cube?

Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers are using the Monitored Rehab Cube with their patients and/or athletes for a variety of reasons.  For one, the MR Cube helps to eliminate the drudgery and boring aspects of physical/occupational therapy exercise treatments. By focusing on his/her performance in the gaming aspect of their workout (there is game scoring on the screens), the patient/athlete actually becomes more engaged in his/her exercise treatment making the therapy/workout session more enjoyable and yes, more effective and efficient. Patients and athletes who have used the MR Cube have seen improvements in coordination, control of movement, range of motion, reaction time and overall power and strength. In addition, by providing bio feedback (visual and audio stimulation) to the patient/athlete, the MR Cube creates more of a dual-tasking approach to engage the cognitive system as well as the neuromuscular system. Bottom line, the MR Cube can provide for better patient outcomes. 

Multi-Purpose What Can the MR Cube Be Used For?

What exercises can it be used for?

The MR Cube can be used for almost any exercise that has a linear motion component to it. Use your imagination!  It can be used with individuals in a seated position or standing position and using horizontal, vertical or diagonal movement. Trunk flexion, hip or knee flexion/extension, ankle dorsiflexion, shoulder flexion, elbow extension, wrist extension, sit to stand transfers, shoulder rotation and abduction/adduction, hip shifts, side-step walking, the possibilities are endless!  Our customers are finding new ways to use their Monitored Rehab Cubes all the time!

Does it support any Cognitive learning activities?

The Monitored Rehab Cube software comes equipped with several memory games using colors, numbers and simple math exercises, as well as animal and object figures.  These memory games can be used in Speech Therapy with dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients or as part of a concussion protocol for athletes.    

Additional Benefits

G Codes for Medicare Billing

G Codes for Medicare billing in less than 2 minutes that
are objective, accurate and easy to perform.

Visual Bio-Feedback

Visual biofeedback for dual-tasking approach to engage
the cognitive system.

Improve Patient Engagement

Fun, motivating workouts through video game
interaction and competitive scoring.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention through proprioceptive development.

Improved Control

Improvement in control, coordination, and reaction time
in addition to power and strength.

Proven Revenue Streams

Proven revenue production for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Clinics and Rehabilitation Facilities.

Huge Gains

Huge gains in little time making its efficiency unmatched.

Good for All Ages

Exercises for athletes, children, seniors, and other ortho or neuro patient.

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